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Put your facility to work for you for very little cost.

With most of their attention focused on social and digital media, many marketers often overlook this effective low-cost marketing tool that’s readily available.

Put your facility to work for you for very little cost.

Most of the attention in healthcare provider marketing today is focused in social media and other online activities, and many marketers often overlook an effective low-cost marketing tool that’s readily available -- point-of-purchase advertising at your facilities.

Elevator Wrap

Every year, thousands of patients, often accompanied by family and friends, visit your office(s). It’s a captive audience as most find themselves in waiting areas with little to do. Why not use that opportunity to tell your story? 

One client practice reaches 50,000 patients annually through their offices, plus another estimated 15,000 family and friends who accompany them on their visit.

It may not be as sexy as social media or some other advertising, but it is very effective and readily available because you already own the space and have total control of the message and its distribution. It may be the least expensive way you can reach thousands.

Banner Stand

More important, these are the most valuable customers of all – people who are already engaged with you and your practice. (Unlike digital media impressions where you have no guarantee of engagement.)

An added benefit: it also diverts attention from the wait itself, helping occupy time and relax patients.

Communication vehicles can include banner stands, posters, brochures, tent cards, unique signage, videos – we have even done full graphic elevator wraps for some clients. You already own the space; you just need to put the right message there. Each contact educates and reinforces your practice in the minds of your patients and their families.

Table Tent

You can promote events and physicians, provide health tips, educate about risk factors, post good ratings and awards, announce new services, cross-sell others, and more. The only limit is your imagination.

Be strategic about placement and message. You should consider a different message in the exam room than for the waiting area. For example, exam rooms are better suited for education regarding conditions and risk factors while events and promotions are best left to the waiting area.

Effective in-office advertising will not only strengthen your brand, it will enhance your patient experience. Whatever you do, it’s important to remember that communications should add to the appeal of your office rather than clutter it. You’ll want your materials professionally designed, strategically placed, and sized appropriately.